There are basically three kinds of schools for students. There are public schools, parochial and independent or preparatory (“prep”) schools. New York City has many fine public and parochial schools and most families and students are aware of them. However, the concept of attending a prep school is foreign to many families. A preparatory school, or prep school, is usually a private high school designed to prepare a student for higher education.

Students that attend prep schools are part of a community and often maintain a great deal of independence. Classes are usually much smaller than bigger public schools, therefore, students have the concentrated attention of their teachers. Sports and activities at prep schools offer quality coaching and athletes as well. Focusing on the education and extra curricular of a smaller number of students allows prep schools to really encourage growth, independence, hard work, discipline, determination, and achievement.

Another unique aspect of most prep schools is the opportunity to board (live) at the school. This allows students to connect their educational experience with a strong sense of community; therefore, students have instilled in them the importance of community and responsibility. The application process for attending a prep school can often be complicated and the cost substantial. However, there are many resources available for those considering this alternative.

>> Top New England Prep School Basketball Teams

  1. 1. Bridgeton Academy
  2. 2. Brewster Academy
  3. 3. South Kent
  4. 4. Winchendon Academy
  5. 5. New Hampton School
  6. 6. Northfield Mount Hermon
  7. 7. St. Thomas Moore
  8. 8. Philips Exeter

Literacy and Learning

New Visions a joint effort between Random House and The New York City Department of Education has published a Family Literacy Guide. Literacy is the ability to use listening, speaking, reading and writing to interact with others, learn new ideas exchange information, and express thoughts and feelings. We strongly believe that the below ideas are valuable for those in High School.

Speaking and Listening -

  • Ask questions
  • State opinions with supporting examples and facts
  • Listen respectfully
  • Practice speaking in different settings
  • Listen to different opinions

Reading -

  • Read poetry, non-fiction and fiction in different subject areas
  • Read things that are of interest
  • Talk about books you have read
  • Read to learn new ideas
  • Visit your local library

Writing -

  • Write in every class
  • Write different styles, including essays, poetry, stories,
    essays, letters, research papers
  • Practice your writing
  • Revise your writings


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